Become an exhibitor at REHAB 2023

Be there when the industry from Germany and other European countries meets at the 22nd REHAB in Karlsruhe! Become an exhibitor at REHAB and present your products and services at one of the world’s key trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, care, and inclusion!

Prices & conditions for exhibitors of REHAB 2023

Shape of stand Floor space
(until 15 October 2022)
Floor space
(as of 16 October 2022)
Stand construction packages
(excluding floor space)
Row stand € 166.00 / sqm € 176.00 / sqm REHAB Trend € 87.50 / sqm
Corner stand € 173.00 / sqm € 183.00 / sqm REHAB Maxima 40 € 96.00 / sqm
End of block € 180.00 / sqm € 191.00 / sqm REHAB Quadro € 118.00 / sqm
Island stand € 185.00 / sqm € 196.00 / sqm REHAB Premium € 146.00 / sqm

All prices are per sqm.

  • plus AUMA fee € 0.60 per sqm
  • plus marketing fee (entry in the list of exhibitors and advertising material) € 190.00
  • plus general fee for exhibition hall utilities € 4.90 per sqm

Minimum stand size: 6 sqm.

Special conditions for self-help groups and non-profit organisations on request. Please contact us!

Costs for Co-exhibitor(s) // registration fee incl. marketing package (entry in the list of exhibitors and advertising material): € 190.00 per co-exhibitor

Prices do not include VAT applicable in the year the event is held.

Joint pavilions

Various topics are presented at joint pavilions and theme parks. Compact, with a practical orientation and as an attractive addition to the marketplaces.

Future Pavilion

The focus of the Future Pavilion is on creative ideas from the start-up scene and innovative research projects. This is where young enterprises and academic institutions exhibit their innovations, predominantly from the fields of digitalisation and robotics, giving them the opportunity to establish contact with potential business partners and find inspiration for other product developments and services.

You can find the registration for the Future Pavilion in the download area.

Photo of exhibitor and visitor talks from the Future Pavilion at REHAB.

Hearing Park

Hearing Park

The coming REHAB is once again set to benefit from the excellent Hearing Park, where exhibitors present products and services for hearing-impaired people and allowing participants to interact with hearing-impaired people and experts and to obtain individual advice. The theme park is supported by our partners German hearing-impaired association (DSB)and Cochlea Implantat Verband Baden-Württemberg e.V..

You can find the registration for the Hearing Park in the download area.

Leisure & Travel barrier-free

The joint pavilion Leisure & Travel barrier-free offers you the ideal platform for presenting your leisure and travel products and services. Together with other providers and associations, you can present your company to visitors as part of the joint stand.

Prices on request. Please contact us!

Photo of an exhibitor stand with visitors at the Leisure & Travel Marketplace.

Your benefits - exhibiting is worth it!

Meet your target group

REHAB is the only event where you can meet qualified specialist visitors as well as interested people with and without disabilities on three successive days. Almost 61%* of the specialist visitors and 77%* of the private visitors say they only attend REHAB and do not go to any other trade fair with a similar theme. Make the most of personal contact to visitors to increase your familiarity and sales success!

A European focus

REHAB has been a firm fixture in the industry’s timetable for more than 40 years and has established itself as THE most important platform for high-quality mobility aids and children’s aids from Germany and other European countries every second year.

Theme-based marketplaces

Pooling the themes at the trade fair enables visitors to find you more quickly and spend more time at your stand. Almost 90%* of the visitors believe this pooling approach is worthwhile.

Karlsruhe – the perfect venue...

...for meeting potential well-funded customers

Baden-Württemberg is Europe’s leading location for medical technology. Combined with the neighbouring state of Bavaria, it offers the highest density of provident institutions and rehabilitation facilities in Germany. Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria are also among the states with highest per capita spending power in Germany.


...for your Trade Fair success

Invite your customers to REHAB with our complementary advertising material (flyers, posters, online banners) – the perfect opportunity to advertise your participation at the event in advance.

REHAB is assessed by FKM

FKM, the Society for the Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics, was founded in 1965. It made the comparability and reliability of trade-fair statistics one of its basic principles right from the start.

The FKM developed standardised rules for the collection of exhibitor, space and visitor statistics as well as for visitor profiles. Compliance with the rules are monitored by a professional auditor. After all, proper planning for exhibitors and visitors is only possible if they can be certain that existing data has been collected over time and in comparison with other trade fairs according to standard definitions.

Each year almost 70 organizers of some 300 trade fairs and exhibitions are subject to audits by FKM. REHAB is also assessed by FKM.

*Source: Exhibitor and visitor survey at REHAB 2022 (conducted by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung GmbH)

Meet your target group at REHAB

Photo from an exhibition hall during REHAB with visitors and exhibitor stands.

REHAB Karlsruhe has been one of the world’s biggest and most significant trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion since 1980. Specialists from all over Germany and the neighbouring countries come to Karlsruhe every two years to bring themselves up to date with the latest trends in rehabilitation technology, innovations in the assistive aids industry and new therapeutic options as well as to take advantage of further training opportunities.

Come along and meet the following groups at REHAB

  • Physiotherapists
  • Ergotherapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Nursing and care professionals
  • Curative education therapists
  • Medical professionals
  • Rehab and orthopaedic technicians
  • Inclusion and integration assistants
  • Inclusion representatives
  • Architects/property developers
  • Educators
  • et al.

Pie chart of the visitor structure. 65% of the visitors of REHAB are trade visitors and 35% are private visitors.

Visitor expectations completely met*

… 93 %* of the visitors were satisfied or very satisfied with their visit to the fair and 90.7 % would come back in 2023?

... 92.9 % of visitors would recommend REHAB to their colleagues and business partners?

... 68.5 % of all visitors only attend REHAB and no other, related trade fairs?

Specialist visitors to REHAB represented the following sectors and more

Medical and physical therapy practices 13.2 %
Clinics and rehabilitation facilities 12.4 %
Nursing, assisted living 10.5 %
Medical supply retailers 9.7 %
Facilities for people with disabilities 8.9 %
Occupation & education 5.9 %
Public institutions 4.7 %
Representatives for disabled employees 4.7 %
Cost bearers/health and care insurances 1.8 %
Associations, organisations, self-help 1.5 %
Source: Exhibitor and visitor survey at REHAB 2022 (conducted by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung GmbH)

Please contact us for an individual stand consultation!

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