Onsite advertising

Address your trade-fair visitors with attractive and effective advertising. Draw attention to your company and products/services even beyond the boundaries of your stand!

Highlights of our brochure onsite advertising


City-Light-Poster in the outdoor area

Use City-Lights in front of the main entrance to make visitors aware of your stand as soon as they arrive!

Location: in the outdoor area of the trade-fair premises, on the way from the P1 carpark to the main entrance

Price: per poster 290 €

Indoor advertising floorprints


Guide visitors to your stand using footprints! Or opt for a floorprint to place your company and product prominently in visitors’ field of view. You can position them in the entrance area or directly in the appropriate hall.

Dimensions: footprints: 30 units or 60 units, floorprint: 1 m² or 2 m²

Prices: from 1.900 €

Online advertising opportunities

Additionally, you have the opportunity to present your company online.

Your contact for onsite advertising

Portrait Isabella Burgart
Service, Stand Construction
Isabella Burgart
Service Officer
T: +49 (0) 721 3720 5183
F: +49 (0) 721 3720 99 5183