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REHAB Presents Innovations in Action
REHAB – Trade Fair for Rehabilitation, Therapy, Care and Inclusion
The 20th REHAB will be held from 16-18 May 2019 at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. (Behrendt and Rausch)

Karlsruhe, 6 February 2019 – About 450 exhibitors from 18 countries will present their latest rehabilitative, orthopaedic and medical-technology products, along with diverse innovations for care and therapy at the REHAB – Trade Fair for Rehabilitation, Therapy, Care and Inclusion from 16 to 18 May at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. From dedicated start-ups to the industry’s established leaders, a wide range of companies will offer consulting on their latest developments, which include wheelchairs, communication aids, stair lifts and many other products. Representatives of self-help groups, travel companies and educational institutions likewise attend REHAB to explain how they can best assist people with handicaps. The fair’s spectrum is thematically divided into ten marketplaces to facilitate speedy orientation and encourage lively exchange among participants. Among other new items in the supporting programme are two offers – the Joint Pavilion Homecare in practice and the CYBATHLON Arm and Leg Prostheses Series – that enable visitors to gain firsthand experience of the capabilities of the innovations on display.

Joint Pavilion Homecare in practice with product demonstrations

Outpatient nursing and home intensive care for care recipient are becoming increasingly important because of the ever-growing numbers of people who need care, many of whom would prefer to be cared for in their own homes. Therefore, the marketplace “Homecare and Nursing” with exhibitors and a supporting programme was organized for the first time at the preceding REHAB.

This year the marketplace “Homecare and Nursing” will be expanded to include the new Joint Pavilion Homecare in practice, where professional caregivers, specialized dealers and relatives of individuals affected can view practical demonstrations of products for home intensive care. These cost-free demonstrations of products are organized by the Competenz Netzwerk Außerklinische Intensivversorgung e. V. (CNI) [Competence Network for Out-of-Hospital Intensive Care] in collaboration with industry partners.

marketplace “Homecare and Nursing”
This year the marketplace “Homecare and Nursing” will be expanded to include the new Joint Pavilion Homecare in practice. (Behrendt and Rausch)

CYBATHLON Arm and Leg Prostheses Series

Together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the CYBATHLON will be a guest at REHAB with its CYBATHLON arm and leg prosthesis series. The CYBATHLON is a unique contest in which people with physical disabilities competitively perform everyday tasks with the aid of state-of-the-art technical assistance systems. The contest’s objectives are to promote progress in research and development, to encourage the implementation of assistance systems and to foster inclusion. Organized by ETH Zurich, the CYBATHLON competition was held for the first time in 2016.

Prior to the second competition in 2020, CYBATHLON series events will focus on several individual disciplines. At REHAB individuals with arm or leg prostheses will compete on two parallel racetracks, where they will master everyday challenges and thus demonstrate the potentials and limits of current technologies. In addition, the KIT is organizing a scientific symposium on “Assistive and Wearable Robotics”.

Additional information is available online at and

About REHAB Karlsruhe

As one of the world’s leading trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion, REHAB has been a must-attend event on the calendars of rehabilitation professionals, people with disabilities and their relatives every two years since 1980. REHAB presents the latest rehabilitative, orthopaedic and medical-technology products, as well as innovations for care and therapy. Marketplaces bring together the fair’s diverse topics and promote lively sharing among participants. Numerous lectures, live demonstrations, discussions and opportunities for further training round out the fair’s supporting programme. The twentieth edition of REHAB will take place at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre from 16 to 18 May 2019

Interview with Anna Schaffelhuber
Anna Schaffelhuber
Anna Schaffelhuber (Referat für Bildung und Sport / Sebastian Arlt)

On 16 May 2019 Anna Schaffelhuber will moderate the opening of the REHAB - trade fair for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion (16 - 18 May 2019) at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. KMK News spoke with the successful monoskier and Paralympics winner about her sport, her life and her plans for the future.

You started monoskiing when you were just five years old. Why did you choose this sport and later pursue it competitively?

I found the combination of freedom, speed and nature that was exactly right for me in monoskiing very early in my life. As soon as I sit on a monoski, I can glide to all the wonderful places where other people go on two skis. And I simply love to be outdoors in nature and among the mountains.

What equipment do you need for your sport?

Monoski, ski, crutch skis (short poles), helmet, ski goggles and winter clothes.

Alongside your sport and various social projects, you are also studying for certification as a teacher of business and mathematics in secondary schools. How do you juggle all these activities and interests?

It definitely takes plenty of planning, coordination and self-management. I always try to accomplish as much as possible during summer months so I’ll have more free time to devote to the sport in winter. Naturally I have often thought that a student’s life could be organized much more simply; but when winter comes, I again realize why I do all this. It has always been very important to me to be independent of sport and to always have a “Plan B”, respectively a concept for the time after my career as a sportswoman.

We are delighted that you will be moderating the opening of REHAB 2019. What do you expect from the rehabilitation trade fair?

This will be my first time in Karlsruhe and I am very excited to see if I can discover one or two new thing for me there. I am also eagerly looking forward to many conversations and pleasant encounters. The most important aspects of a trade fair for me are the opportunities it offers for sharing ideas and finding clever little solutions to utilize in daily life.

As in past years, REHAB 2019 will again host the “inclusive sports complex”, where visitors with and without handicaps can acquaint themselves with and participate in inclusive sports such as wheelchair rugby, inclusive hockey and wheelsoccer. Which sport would you like to try?

Hmm... I am especially curious about wheelchair tennis and cross-country skiing at the moment. I’ve tried them both, but only sporadically and without the perfect equipment, so I have chosen those sports to be the next entries on my list!

You are an ambassador for the medical technology company Otto Bock, which manufactures prosthetics, orthoses and wheelchairs, and which is also an exhibitor at REHAB. What features are especially important for you in a wheelchair?

First of all, a wheelchair must be stable, lightweight and have a chic look. The wheelchair is ubiquitous and an object of daily use in my life. Every metre I move, I also move the wheelchair, whether I propel it up a hill or lift it into a car, so I want to eliminate as much unnecessary weight as possible while simultaneously preserving a reasonable degree of stability for this “utilitarian object”. I found the optimal balance of these two criteria at Otto Bock. And beyond that… it also looks chic ;-)

The exhibitors at REHAB present newly developed market-ready products as well as research projects, for example, a stair-climbing wheelchair. In your opinion, which assistive devices are not yet available on the market? What would you like to see developed in the next few years?

Ooh, that’s a difficult question. If I knew exactly what things are missing, I would already be involved in intensively planning their creation! I have a few suggestions for improvements. One has to do with a handbike for trails in the mountains. In general, I would like to be able to move more freely in nature and on mountainous terrain, both in summer and in winter. Will wheelchair users someday be able to go on skiing tours? Hmm….

What do you generally want from society in dealing with people with disabilities?

Simply that people with disabilities are treated normally. I personally always like it best when people ask me before they feel afraid of contact. Of course, barrier-free accessibility is a fundamental topic: I view it as the linchpin of society! For example, if I cannot get into a cinema, a town hall or a bakery, then I surely cannot participate in everyday life in a normal way and I also cannot be in the midst of society. People in Germany have talked about and debated this topic for a long time already. That was good because reflection should definitely be encouraged. But now the time has come to take action! Germany can learn a lot from other countries.

What are your plans for the near future, both as an athlete and personally?

I am always full of ideas and I am looking forward to new challenges. First I will complete my studies at university in March 2019. Then I will get married and build a house. My situation as an athlete is just fine for me, as it is. I no longer have to prove anything: I can try things out and take risks. Basically I see myself at the start and that is the most important thing for me right now.

Biographical Information:

Anna Schaffelhuber was born in Regensburg in 1993. Dependent on a wheelchair since her birth, she began monoskiing as a child. Since then, she has developed into the world’s most successful monoskier, winning seven gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal at the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, Sochi and Vancouver as well as nine gold medals at world championships. Schaffelhuber was named German Disabled Sportswoman of the Year in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015. She was voted World Disabled Sportswoman in 2015.

About REHAB Karlsruhe

As one of the world’s leading trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion, REHAB has been a must-attend event on the calendars of rehabilitation professionals, people with disabilities and their relatives every two years since 1980. REHAB presents the latest rehabilitative, orthopaedic and medical-technology products, as well as innovations for care and therapy. Marketplaces bring together the fair’s diverse topics and promote lively sharing among participants. Numerous lectures, live demonstrations, discussions and opportunities for further training round out the fair’s supporting programme. The twentieth edition of REHAB will take place at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre from 16 to 18 May 2019.

REHAB - more space, more quality and more international

Karlsruhe, 13 May 2017 -The 19th trade fair for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion (REHAB) at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre came to a successful close today: Around 450 exhibitors from 18 countries, primarily from the rest of Europe, exhibited their new rehabilitation, orthopaedic and medical technology products and innovations for nursing care and therapy on a total of 35,000 square meters. In addition to around 10% more space, REHAB 2017 also recorded an increase in the proportion of international exhibitors to around 14% (2015: 7%). “This year’s REHAB had the most space and was the most international exhibition in this trade fair’s history,” commented Britta Wirtz, Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH’s managing director. “Visitor numbers remained constant at around 18,000 professional and private visitors, and exhibitors have confirmed that they meet their target groups at REHAB - which include specialist dealers, therapists, decision-makers and specialists from the nursing care branch and funding agencies as well as people with disabilities and their carers.” A total of 95% of visitors were very satisfied to satisfied with their visit to the exhibition. Exhibitors praised the quality of visitors and visitor numbers at the stands as well as the valuable mix of specialist and private visitors.

Visitors at REHAB 2017
Around 18,000 professional and private visitors attended REHAB 2017.

“REHAB is must-attend event in the south of Germany for this industry. This is shown by the numerous commitments we have already received from exhibitors to participate again in the 2019 exhibition,” summarised project manager Annika Gehrmeyer. When opening the exhibition, both Verena Bentele, Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities and REHAB’s patron as well as the actor Samuel Koch underscored this trade fair’s reach throughout the whole of Germany. The 20th REHAB will be held from 16-18 May 2019 at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre.

Exhibitors convinced by visitor quality and mix of target groups

REHAB scored big points with the exhibitors thanks to its high proportion of specialist visitors (67%) and valuable contacts to end users. Sascha Schierbaum, head of marketing with Schuchmann GmbH & Co.KG, noted how important the mix of specialist and private visitors is for his participation at the exhibition. “Our focus is on specialist retailers, medical supply stores and also on end customers who want to find out more and who also already use our products. Many health insurance company employees also attended the fair and found out in detail about what they accept and reject.” Mela Ikanovic, head of marketing with ReWalk Robotics GmbH, also benefited from both visitor groups attending REHAB. “We are attending REHAB for the third time. This year we have a larger stand and we are completely satisfied. The mix of visitors is right in line with our target group. The entire bandwidth of our market is represented here. We will certainly be back again in two years.” The frequency of visitors was also a positive feature. Sarah Bauerfeld, marketing coordinator for Germany with Permobil GmbH, summed up, “We have been exhibiting at REHAB for several years. Our stand already had a lot of visitors as soon as the gates opened. The quantity has increased once again compared to the last event.”

REHAB is a must-attend date for exhibitors to reach visitors in the south of Germany and neighbouring countries. Harald Meyer, team leader for external sales (south) with Russka, confirmed, “I met a lot of people and business partners who I haven’t seen for a while and was very pleased to start talking to them again at REHAB. These were mostly contacts from the south of Germany. There were also some Swiss visitors. That was a positive factor, because there were some with whom we were not yet in contact and we were thus able to improve our business relationships in Switzerland.”

Initial registrations for 2019 thanks to excellent business

One in four visitors concluded a transaction during their visit to the trade fair, and more than 41% want to conclude a transaction after the exhibition according to the information we have received. Sascha Kröner, a member of Rollstuhlbau Bräunig’s management team, was enthusiastic. “This exhibition has outclassed my expectations. We held lots of excellent discussions and have recorded several successful deals.” There were registrations for 2019 even at the end of the first day of the fair, for example from Stefan Schaaf, managing partner with Humanelektronik GmbH. “We will be attending REHAB again in two years’ time - with a stand of the same scale.” There was also positive feedback from a large number of new exhibitors such as Thyl Junker, a design graduate and CVO with DESINO. “This is the first time we have exhibited at REHAB. We’ve had loads of visitors, we’re busy all the time, and I would say that we’ll certainly be back.”

Family-like atmosphere and direct, interdisciplinary exchanges

Both exhibitors and visitors alike love the family-like atmosphere at REHAB and underscore this as being a key criterion compared to other, competing exhibitions. “REHAB is definitely a must-attend event for us. It is a great exhibition and has a much more family-like atmosphere than other fairs,” explained Harald Stotz, sales management/authorised signatory with AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH.

More than 50% of exhibitors were manufacturing companies and all of the key players in the industry exhibited such as Ottobock, MEYRA and Permobil. In particular manufacturers, such as Hipp, benefited from direct exchanges with visitors. Tobias Bauer, head of liquid and special foods at Hipp, highlighted, “Our participation at REHAB was certainly worthwhile. We welcomed specialist visitors and also end users at our stand, and they reported on their own experience with our products. These impressions were very interesting and a motivating factor for us, as we don’t otherwise have direct contact with our patients and their friends and relatives, and they have shown us that we are on the right track.”

Top grades for marketplace concept and supporting programme

Bundling topics and the extended concepts also met with a positive response from visitors: 91% of those surveyed gave us top grades for focusing the issues and confirmed the successful continuation of the marketplace concept. The new concept “Marketplace Homecare and Nursing” with a forum on the subject of “extra clinical intensive care” met with an excellent response according to Sven Kübler, chairman of Competenz Netzwerk Außerklinische Intensivversorgung e.V. “The quality of discussions at the stand was very high. That means we had specialist visitors, we met decision-makers and visitors that came specifically to the marketplace. And I have to say it was absolutely excellent and a great success!”

The marketplace concept supports transparency and promotes lively, interdisciplinary exchanges. Frank Stotko, consultant for recruiting for Remeo projects at Linde Remeo Deutschland GmbH, underscored the importance of this. “The marketplace homecare and nursing was perfect for presenting our innovative concept patients with long-term assisted breathing. We had excellent discussions with colleagues and in-depth exchanges with specialists from intensive care services. We believe that our cooperation with intensive care services will intensify over the coming months and years as a result.”

The supporting programme also received top grades: Presentations by experts on the subjects of “Providing aids”, “Child and youth rehabilitation”, “Therapy and medical rehabilitation” in the specialist forum received top grades from 93% of participants. The “Kulturbistro” was also well attended. In addition to readings from authors this bistro included cooking displays for the first time.

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