REHAB Innovations Centre ONLINE presents innovative products for mobility and everyday assistance

The Mobility & Everyday Aids Marketplace will be a central focus of the upcoming REHAB 2022 – European Trade Fair for Rehabilitation, Therapy, Care and Inclusion.

As a platform for sharing among manufacturers, specialized dealers, therapists, medical and caregiving professionals, service providers and associations, as well as people with disabilities and their relatives, REHAB (23-25 June 2022) is firmly anchored as a biennial event in the industry’s diary. The fair has established itself as the most important platform for high-quality mobility aids and children’s aids made by manufacturers in Germany and other European countries.

To bridge the waiting time until the upcoming on-site event, the continually updated REHAB ONLINE Innovations Centre presents the latest products from REHAB’s exhibitors. One focus is on solutions for people with limited mobility. Personal and self-determined mobility is an essential prerequisite for social participation. It accordingly enables people with disabilities to lead self-determined lives and contributes to their personal and social development. The following paragraphs present a selection of innovative products that will be on display at REHAB 2022.

Wheelchair accessories extend the scope of activity

P+L Innovations presents Trivida, the world’s first wheel that enables maximum accessibility and the user’s change of position out of and into the wheelchair. By removing the upper segment of the wheel, lateral transfer from the wheelchair to an external seating surface and vice versa are possible. This significantly reduces the physical strain on patients, their relatives and caregivers.

The e-motion DuoDrive from the Alber company enables wheelchair users to cover longer distances without having to manually push the hand rim. In addition to the familiar residual power assistance, the wireless control unit can also activate and control a permanent driving function as a second operating mode. Similar to cruise control, the wheelchair maintains its speed – even on upgrades as steep as 10%. This means that the wheelchair has two drive modes, which the user can switch between whenever desired or required.

Tetra Equipment likewise presents an innovative product: the Loopwheel for wheelchairs. These shock-absorbent wheels have carbon springs and specially developed hubs to absorb vibrations and shocks, thus making it easier for the wheelchair to overcome thresholds, uneven surfaces and kerbs, while simultaneously reducing pain, spasticity and fatigue for users and their aides.

The new Empulse F55 wheelchair hoist from Sunrise Medica combines high performance and a pleasurable ride. The angle and height are continuously adjustable so weight to be shifted onto the front wheel, thus increasing traction and manoeuvrability. The traction device is compatible with many rigid-frame and foldable wheelchairs, thus reducing the burden on the joints of the arms and shoulders.

Automotive solutions for every need

Greater safety for children in road traffic is assured by HERNIK company’s new IPAI LGT child seat, which includes thorax pads and a five-point harness as standard equipment. To facilitate individual modifications, the HERNIK also offers various accessories such as an abduction wedge, seat angle adjustment, and a support and safety pad.

PARAVAN’s VW T6.1 Extended lowers the vehicle’s floor from the A-pillar to the C-pillar to provide a flexible mobility solution for self-drivers and passengers in wheelchairs. Thanks to the optimized entry height, even tall people can easily enter the vehicle’s interior. The handicapped-accessible conversions to the vehicle allow the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat to be interchanged so the latter can be locked into position behind the steering wheel and used as the driver’s seat.

MobiTEC presents its new VW Caddy Maxi in REHAB’S ONLINE Innovations Centre. This lowered vehicle integrates many special solutions to facilitate safe and comfortable transportation. The lowered vehicle floor and the floor pan are highlights: both are almost entirely level, with very slight inclinations of just 2° and 1.5°, respectively.

New children's aids make everyday life easier

As a manufacturer of rehabilitation aids, Rehatec presents the Heidelberger Liegebär Lasse 2020 child-standing device, which is available in various sizes. Both vertically and horizontally adjustable in height, the device can be vertically lowered all the way to the floor by means of a pneumatic spring or electric motor. The backrest board is individually adjustable as well: its angle of inclination ranges from 0° to 90°. Twenty-two different frame colours and six different covers offer the option of individualized styling.

Among other highlights from its current portfolio, Schuchmann presents the “till” inclined lying board. This innovative board facilitates safe and comfortable transfers from a lying to a standing position. Various adjustment options allow individual adaptation to suit the unique shape of each child’s body. Thoracic and pelvic pads provide support and enable a stable standing position.

Volaris presents the Panthera Bambino 3 children’s wheelchair, which is suitable for children from 4 to 12 years of age. The new width adapter for the seat and the adjustable side guard can be readjusted to accommodate a growing child. Thanks to intelligent, easily removable push bars, this wheelchair can also be used without an accompanying person, thus facilitating autonomous mobility for children.

About REHAB Karlsruhe

REHAB has numbered among the leading trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion since 1980. The biennial fair has established itself as the most important platform for high-quality mobility assistance and children’s aids manufactured in Germany and other European countries. Professionals from throughout Germany and neighbouring countries have traditionally used REHAB to learn about current trends in rehabilitation technology, innovations in the assistive technology industry and new therapy options, as well as to take advantage of continuing education opportunities. As a platform for sharing among manufacturers, specialized dealers, therapists, physicians, professional caregivers, service providers and associations, as well as people with disabilities and their relatives, REHAB is a firmly established event in the industry's calendar. For more information, visit www.rehab-karlsruhe.com and www.rehab-karlsruhe.com/innovationcenter.

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