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The famous fan-shaped city, nestling in green countryside

From the Baden residential palace to the heart of the “TechnologieRegion” – Karlsruhe has a lot to offer.

Located on the Rhine Plain between the Black Forest to the south, the Vosges mountains of France to the west, and Germany’s Palatinate hills to the north, Karlsruhe is a cultural hub, a buzzing region for technological development, and a centre of science and academia.

And, with 310,000 inhabitants, the second biggest city in Baden-Wurttemberg. The quality of life here is very high, the region as a whole is booming – Karlsruhe, an appealing combination of think-tank, lifestyle, and diversity.

Photo of Karlsruhe castle with green area in front of it.

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Discover the tastiest places to eat, the local nightlife, and the best places to unwind.

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