dm-arena - Active in leisure and work

The dm-arena presents the marketplaces for Active Rehabilitation, Car & Transport, Education & Careers, and Leisure & Travel.

The marketplace for Active Rehabilitation showcases a wide range of wheelchairs and handbikes that offer users greater independence. The Car & Transport marketplace focuses on vehicle conversions and accessories, driving schools and much more, with the aim of giving people with disabilities greater autonomy when driving. Visitors to the Leisure & Travel marketplace can find inspiration for their free time and holiday planning. The marketplace for Education & Careers centres around inclusion in the world of work, highlighting various possibilities ranging from workplace equipment and funding to training.

The inclusive sports complex in the dm-arena is all about sport and getting active, allowing visitors to discover and try out a wide range of activities.

Close-up of the front wheel of a handbike.

Active Rehabilitation

  • Active wheelchairs
  • Handbikes
  • Sport wheelchairs
  • Wheel attachements
  • many more

Photo of a van with wheelchair ramp. A child is pushed into the interior by a woman.

Car and Transport

  • Caravans
  • Car converters
  • Driving schools
  • Vehicle equipment
  • many more

Photo of an exhibitor and visitor talk at an exhibitor booth at REHAB.

Education and Careers

  • Education and training
  • Financing and funding
  • Occupational rehabilitation
  • Office fittings and furniture
  • many more

Photo of sports equipment in use during a consultation.

Leisure and Travel

  • Barrier-free accomodation
  • Barrier-free travel offers
  • Travel aids
  • many more

Marketplace Active Rehabilitation

Flexibility and agility, an enjoyment of leisure activities and sport, and security on difficult grounds – modern wheelchairs for independent users offer many advantages. The products at the marketplace Active Rehabilitation offer a range from active or adaptive wheelchairs, handbikes and attachment wheels to sports wheelchairs, special trikes, models with electric drive and tandem wheelchair bikes, through to individual, tailor-made wheelchairs. Whether product needs to be light, foldable and easy to store, or extremely stable and robust, at REHAB, every user is certain to find what they’re looking for.

Individual advice from the manufacturer

At the Active Rehabilitation marketplace, specialist manufacturers present their latest wheelchair models for maximum mobility and independence while shopping in town, travelling, in nature, on a sports ground or on the race track. Visitors can receive detailed, individual advice on the technical features and movement qualities, designs and prices for all the wheelchairs. This also applies to the wide range of accessories on offer, which enable further individual adaptations to users’ own needs.

Test rides under realistic conditions

For test rides, there is a test course, which offers different challenges to the wheelchair, the driver and the accompanying person with different ground conditions and bumpy areas. The selected active wheelchairs, handbikes, sports and racing wheelchairs can also be put through their paces under real-life conditions.

Marketplace Car & Transport

For people with physical disabilities, being on the road with their own car usually means greater independence and a better quality of life. At REHAB, one of the most important specialist trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion, mobility by car is a major topic area.

Automobile solutions for all requirements

Wheelchair users, older people with limited walking ability, people of small stature, drivers with amputated limbs, as well as relatives looking for solutions for their less mobile family members, will find comprehensive information on offer at the marketplace Car & Transport.

Numerous manufacturers and car converters will present their innovations and demonstrate the variety of opportunities for individual adjustments and technical refittings, from fold-up steps to lift systems and steering aids, through to fully converted hi-tech vehicles, which enable people with the severest disabilities to travel by car. An additional topic is the transportation of wheelchairs by car, whether on the rear seat, in the boot or stowing space or on the car roof.

Test drives on the open-air site

On the open-air site of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, visitors can also take test drives with different vehicle models, and gain an impression of their practical use in everyday life, and the degree of safety and comfort provided by the solutions on offer.

Marketplace Education & Careers

At the marketplace Education & Careers, inclusion in the world of work is a key topic. People with disabilities have a right to participate in the world of work, and should be given equal opportunities to fully use their potential.

Specifically, this can mean: which training and employment opportunities are available to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses? What should a disabled-access workplace look like, and what aids are available? How can people be re-integrated into their old place of work after an illness, and what changes are needed on both sides? If re-integration is not possible, what alternatives are available? Where can people with a handicap get advice, and what financial assistance options are available?

Lively discussions and important answers

REHAB offers answers to many of these questions. The marketplace Education & Careers also offers a framework for lively discussions between people with and without a disability, business representatives, rehab companies and social organisations. In presentations and discussions, problems are identified and solutions are debated that open up exciting prospects for everyone involved.

Health and nursing have a future

Visitors who are interested in receiving training or further training in the health sector or the nursing sector can also gain valuable insights and make contacts at one of the largest specialist trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, nursing and inclusion.

Marketplace Leisure & Travel

Today, people with a disability can travel anywhere in the world. From holidays in Germany and Europe to the US, the Caribbean or Africa, people with physical or psychiatric difficulties can spend their holiday wherever they want. At the marketplace Leisure & Travel, tourist companies will present their disabled-access travel destinations, accommodation and services. Visitors can receive detailed information and inspiration for the most enjoyable time of the year.

Aids for barrier-free travel

For travellers with physical disabilities or in a wheelchair, barrier-free access is the most important requirement for an enjoyable, trouble-free holiday. The same applies to travel by car, train and plane, as well as to accommodation, leisure facilities and attractions. As well as suitable travel offers, REHAB also offers a comprehensive overview at the marketplace Leisure & Travel of technical aids that help people with disabilities, the elderly and their relatives to enjoy leisure activities, and which make travelling with a handicap easier.

Precisely defining individual needs

It is important to clarify your own individual needs in advance. For all leisure and travel plans, we recommend precisely defining your personal needs, obtaining advice from specialist travel operators and as far as possible, talking to other travellers who have already gained experience of conditions at the place of destination. REHAB is the ideal meeting point for getting to know the right people to talk to.