Hall 3 - Dedicated to families

Hall 3 is divided into the marketplaces for Building & Living, Child & Youth Rehabilitation, as well as Self-Help and the Hearing Area.

At the marketplace for Building & Living, the focus is on creating a barrier-free home that is accessible to all. REHAB has become the leading platform for premium children’s aids, which are presented in the marketplace for Child & Youth Rehabilitation in hall 3. The Self-Help marketplace is dedicated to dialogue in self-help groups, which can provide important support for people with disabilities and their relatives. Products and advice for people with impaired hearing can be found in the Hearing Area.

The hall 3 forum focuses on topics like inclusion, daily living aids, building & living, as well as child & youth rehabilitation.

Photo of a customer consultation at REHAB. An exhibitor presents a stair lift.

Building and Living

  • Ambient assisted living (AAL)
  • Barrier-free kitchen solutions
  • Lifts
  • Ramps
  • many more

Photo of an exhibition stand with children's wheelchairs.

Child and Youth Rehabilitation

  • Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
  • Children's beds
  • Children's standing aids
  • Children's wheelchairs
  • many more

Photo of Hall 2 with visitors and exhibitors' stands.


  • Advocacy groups
  • Consulting
  • Professional associations
  • Self-help groups
  • many more

Photo of an exhibitor booth at REHAB, where customer meetings are held.

Hearing Area

  • Consulting for the hearing-impaired
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing tests
  • Implants
  • many more

Marketplace barrier-free Building & Living

Barrier-free building and living is a major theme at REHAB. Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, lift solutions or innovative technical assistance systems for everyday living, here, you’ll find solutions designed to meet the needs of people with health disabilities.

For many people in old age or with disabilities, barrier-free access is an essential requirement for safe, comfortable living in their own home. While for new buildings, all the necessary measures can be planned in advance, subsequent retrofitting is often complicated. A knowledge of the technical possibilities available and of the statutory requirements, as well as advice from experts, help with the planning and implementation of individual building and conversion projects.

Independent, safe and comfortable living

The marketplace barrier-free Building & Living has four core themes: kitchen, bathroom, lift solutions and active assisted living (AAL). A barrier-free kitchen helps people with functional impairments use this space in the optimum way – independently, safely and with comfort. A barrier-free bathroom is essential for many people with a handicap, as are lift solutions to cope with steps and height differences. Safety and rapid assistance in an emergency have until now been the most important goal of smart technologies for the elderly and people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. However, the rapid gains in technological progress now mean that much more can be offered than portable emergency call systems. REHAB promises a large number of exciting new products in this area, too.

Marketplace Child and Youth Rehabilitation

The needs of children and adolescents with handicaps and chronic illnesses are the focus of the marketplace Child and Youth Rehabilitation. Renowned companies specialised in children’s rehabilitation present their products and innovations in the children’s aid industry. Dress-aids, children’s nursing beds, standing exercisers, children’s walking frames - visitors will find anything suitable to increase the self-reliance and life quality of restricted children and adolescents.

Mobile despite disabilities - sure thing

Movement promotes the physical and mental development of the child. It can be trained in many ways and adjusted to the individual conditions and possibilities. Safety plays an important role during this process. At REHAB, parents, carers and attendants will find an extensive selection of devices which contribute to increased mobility, ensure safety and make every-day life with disabled children easier.

Meeting point for all those participatory in children’s rehabilitation

The focal points of the marketplace Child Youth Rehabilitation include not only children’s aids and walking frames but also specific rehabilitation options for children and adolescents with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Parents and children, doctors in children’s and youth medicine, psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, care experts, representatives of patient organisations and social insurance carriers - all will come together at REHAB to gather information, exchange views and experiences and jointly search for promising solutions.


Self-help organisations empower people with chronic conditions and disabilities

A diagnosis of a chronic illness, an accident leading to irreversible injury, or the news that your child has a permanent disability – often they seem to appear out of the blue. You might be overcome with a sense of helplessness or the feeling that you have to face this new and difficult reality alone. What can you do? Who can you turn to? And who can really even understand your new situation? People with chronic illnesses or disabilities and their families often find a sympathetic ear in self-help groups. Here they can learn how to handle their change in circumstances and benefit from the experience of others who are similarly affected. They receive a wide range of information about health aids, therapies, research results, and physicians or hospitals specializing in their conditions. By bringing together people in similar situations, these support groups make an active contribution to improving not only the daily lives of individuals, but also the societal parameters for living with a disability or a chronic condition.

Self-help organisations offer useful information at REHAB

At REHAB, individuals with a disability or a chronic condition and their families will find competent contact persons from a variety of self-help organisations. The Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe behinderter Menschen Baden-Württemberg e.V. (LAG SELBSTHILFE – Baden-Württemberg self-help association for disabled persons) is organising a joint stand for health-related self-help organisations. These “experts through personal experience” will give helpful information, provide the names of local contact persons, and invite visitors to share their experiences.

Photo of the self-help area in Hall 2 during REHAB.

Hearing Area

The Hearing Area takes place in cooperation with Landesverbandes der Schwerhörigen und Ertaubten Baden-Württemberg e.V. and Cochlea Implantat Verband Baden-Württemberg e.V. (CIV).

Exhibitors present products and services for people with impaired hearing. Here visitors can exchange ideas with hearing impaired people and experts and get individual advice.

Here you can find the exhibitors of REHAB 2022 in the Hearing Area.