5 May 2021

The future of care: outpatient treatment possible with innovative training methods from rehabilitation clinics

A combination of a French idea and determination with Norwegian expertise in medical engineering – Made for Movement, unites virtual motivation and assisted gait training into a single assistive device, the smart “ema” treadmill for treating gait.

Balance training

On the premise that vertical gait training is mostly offered in specialised rehabilitation and therapeutic facilities and therefore provides no lasting training success or consolidation of what has been learned in a home environment, the ema treadmill was “invented” by a start-up in France. People with neurological and orthopaedic disorders are currently treated intensively in clinics and rehabilitation centres to start with. This intensity and long-term training must be assured after the acute phase too, however, if the accomplishments are to be retained over time and further developed.

Jens Kleine, head of Made for Movement Deutschland, is convinced: “In future, it will be important for a constantly growing number of patients to receive treatment at the smaller-scale, local therapy practices on an outpatient basis. This will also be reflected by the facilities that these therapy practices offer in future. The “ema” system is affordable, requires only little floor space, and is easy to use. Even a home-training version is planned for the coming year”.

Ezy Gain App per Bluetooth

The smart treadmill provides training for gait and balance – taking off up to 100 % of the load. The automatic verticalization also relieves the burden on therapists as they no longer need to physically set the patient upright. Inbuilt sensors supply analyses and feedback on patient assessment, performance, and progress whenever they are required.

The software basis is provided by the Ezy Gain app, which is connected to the treadmill via Bluetooth and offers a wide range of analytic capabilities.

The large selection of games and programmes covers exercises for specific tasks for the daily routine. A virtual-reality (VR) option enhances the training experience by employing complex tasks for improving cognitive stimulation, assuring optimum utilisation of neuroplasticity, and ensuring that a response from the “memory of movement” is provoked with all the senses.

At REHAB 2022 in Karlsruhe, Made for Movement will offer a three-part training environment for different settings: the ema treadmill system, the Innowalk Pro as a robotic movement exerciser, also for people suffering severe congenital disabilities, effects of serious accidents, and chronic muscular disorders, as well as the K-Force plates for balance training, which also enable children and young people to have fun even in small spaces using the same Ezy Gain app.