Marketplace Active Rehabilitation

Flexibility and agility, an enjoyment of leisure activities and sport, and security on difficult grounds – modern wheelchairs for independent users offer many advantages. The products at the Marketplace Active Rehabilitation offer a range from active or adaptive wheelchairs, handbikes and attachment wheels to sports wheelchairs, special trikes, models with electric drive and tandem wheelchair bikes, through to individual, tailor-made wheelchairs. Whether product needs to be light, foldable and easy to store, or extremely stable and robust, at REHAB, every user is certain to find what they’re looking for.

Individual advice from the manufacturer

At the active rehab marketplace, specialist manufacturers present their latest wheelchair models for maximum mobility and independence while shopping in town, travelling, in nature, on a sports ground or on the race track. Visitors can receive detailed, individual advice on the technical features and movement qualities, designs and prices for all the wheelchairs. This also applies to the wide range of accessories on offer, which enable further individual adaptations to users’ own needs.

Test rides under realistic conditions

For test rides, there is a test course, which offers different challenges to the wheelchair, the driver and the accompanying person with different ground conditions and bumpy areas. The selected active wheelchairs, handbikes, sports and racing wheelchairs can also be put through their paces under real-life conditions.