Marketplace barrier-free Building & Living

Barrier-free building and living is a major theme at REHAB. Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, lift solutions or innovative technical assistance systems for everyday living, here, you’ll find solutions designed to meet the needs of people with health disabilities.

For many older and disabled people, barrier-free access is an essential requirement for safe, comfortable living in their own home. While for new buildings, all the necessary measures can be planned in advance, subsequent retrofitting is often complicated. A knowledge of the technical possibilities available and of the statutory requirements, as well as advice from experts, help with the planning and implementation of individual building and conversion projects.

Independent, safe and comfortable living

The Marketplace barrier-free Building & Living has four core themes: kitchen, bathroom, lift solutions and active assisted living (AAL). A barrier-free kitchen helps people with functional impairments use this space in the optimum way – independently, safely and with comfort. A barrier-free bathroom is essential for many people with a handicap, as are lift solutions to cope with steps and height differences. Safety and rapid assistance in an emergency have until now been the most important goal of smart technologies for the elderly and people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. However, the rapid gains in technological progress now mean that much more can be offered than portable emergency call systems. REHAB promises a large number of exciting new products in this area, too.