Cerebral & Neurological Rehabilitation

Serious damage to the brain, caused by craniocerebral injuries, stroke or illnesses of the central nervous system, raise countless questions. Which areas of the brain have been affected? Are any functional disabilities reversible? Which therapies are best suitable and what is the forecast? For those affected and their relatives, everything changes from one second to the next after an accident or a cerebral haemorrhage. And for doctors, therapists and carers, each patient represents a new challenge. In the meantime, medical research and technical options for rehabilitation continue to progress.

Focus on stroke, brain injuries and neurological rehabilitation

The Marketplace Cerebral & Neurological Rehabilitation deals with the questions which concern people with brain damage and their relatives, and it deals with the support options for the recovery of those affected. The topical emphases of the marketplace are stroke, brain injuries and the neurological rehabilitation which, with a lot of patience, can pave the way back into the former life.

Forum for questions, exchange and new perspectives

REHAB is the platform for persons affected and relatives to enter a dialogue with doctors, carers and therapists as well as with self-help groups, service providers and product manufacturers. The Marketplace Cerebral & Neurological Rehabilitation also offers valuable opportunities for networking for everyone who is looking to professionally enter this sector.