Marketplace Child and Youth Rehabilitation

The needs of children and adolescents with handicaps and chronic illnesses are the focus of the Marketplace Child and Youth Rehabilitation. Renowned companies specialised in children’s rehabilitation present their products and innovations in the children’s aid industry. Dress-aids, children’s nursing beds, standing exercisers, children’s walking frames - visitors will find anything suitable to increase the self-reliance and life quality of restricted children and adolescents.

Mobile despite disabilities - sure thing

Movement promotes the physical and mental development of the child. It can be trained in many ways and adjusted to the individual conditions and possibilities. Safety plays an important role during this process. At REHAB, parents, carers and attendants will find an extensive selection of devices which contribute to increased mobility, ensure safety and make every-day life with disabled children easier.

Meeting point for all those participatory in children’s rehabilitation

The focal points of the Marketplace Child Youth Rehabilitation include not only children’s aids and walking frames but also specific rehabilitation options for children and adolescents with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Parents and children, doctors in children’s and youth medicine, psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, care experts, representatives of patient organisations and social insurance carriers - all will come together at REHAB to gather information, exchange views and experiences and jointly search for promising solutions.