Marketplace Homecare & Nursing

Nursing in Germany currently faces major challenges. Demographic changes and an increase in the number of old people on the one hand, and a lack of specialist staff on the other, require effective, long-term solutions. Many people in need of care, and their families, want nursing to be offered in the home. How can qualified outpatient nursing and coordinated home intensive care be provided? How can relatives help and how can they be supported in providing care at home? What funding options are there, and what rights to funding do individual patients have?

Global questions and specific answers

REHAB offers a space for questions and discussion as well as for the presentation of innovative solutions, products and services for specific needs. At the Marketplace Homecare and Nursing, providers, specialists, decision-makers and care experts, people in need of care and their relatives can meet to obtain information about the latest trends and developments and talk to each other.

Care in the home and intensive home care now and in the future

The Marketplace Homecare and Nursing presents the wide variety of aids and support on offer, which are available to everyone involved in home care. As well as the focus on specific practical matters, it also looks at the future of nursing and the technical progress that has been made in facilitating greater autonomy and a better quality of life for people in need of care.