Marketplace Leisure & Travel

Today, people with a disability can travel anywhere in the world. From holidays in Germany and Europe to the US, the Caribbean or Africa, people with physical or psychiatric difficulties can spend their holiday wherever they want. At the Marketplace Leisure & Travel, tourist companies will present their disabled-access travel destinations, accommodation and services. Visitors can receive detailed information and inspiration for the most enjoyable time of the year.

Aids for barrier-free travel

For travellers with physical disabilities or in a wheelchair, barrier-free access is the most important requirement for an enjoyable, trouble-free holiday. The same applies to travel by car, train and plane, as well as to accommodation, leisure facilities and attractions. As well as suitable travel offers, REHAB also offers a comprehensive overview at the Marketplace Leisure & Travel of technical aids that help people with disabilities, the elderly and their relatives to enjoy leisure activities, and which make travelling with a handicap easier.

Precisely defining individual needs

It is important to clarify your own individual needs in advance. For all leisure and travel plans, we recommend precisely defining your personal needs, obtaining advice from specialist travel operators and as far as possible, talking to other travellers who have already gained experience of conditions at the place of destination. REHAB is the ideal meeting point for getting to know the right people to talk to.