Marketplace Mobility & Daily Living Aids

These aids help to master every-day life independently, offer more security, support therapies and help to prevent secondary damages while providing significant relief to carers as well: Daily living aids for restricted people are indispensable in many areas. The Marketplace Mobility & Daily Living Aids offers visitors an overview of the broad spectrum of available auxiliary means for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Mobility aids for all kinds of conditions

Wheelchairs and walking aids are two important emphases at the Marketplace Mobility & Daily Living Aids. Notable industry companies as well as small, specialised providers will present their various models at REHAB. Users will be able to test-drive several devices on a test track with different floor conditions to find out whether their individual needs will be met.

Orthopaedic aids, communication and transfer aids

Another focal point of the Marketplace Mobility & Daily Living Aids are orthopaedic aids which can compensate for physical disabilities and enable increased self-reliance. The current developments regarding communication aids for people with functional restrictions represent yet another exciting topic. For carers especially, transfer and lifting aids will be of interest as they significantly facilitate the care for disabled people in need of care on a daily level.

Exoskeletons in modern rehabilitation

The newest achievements in rehabilitation robotics for people with palsy are promising as well. Representatives of innovative companies from the industry will be available to explain new opportunities to visitors.