Marketplace Occupation & Education

At the Marketplace Occupation & Education, inclusion in the world of work is a key topic. People with disabilities have a right to participate in the world of work, and should be given equal opportunities to fully use their potential.

Specifically, this can mean: which training and employment opportunities are available to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses? What should a disabled-access workplace look like, and what aids are available? How can people be re-integrated into their old place of work after an illness, and what changes are needed on both sides? If re-integration is not possible, what alternatives are available? Where can people with a handicap get advice, and what financial assistance options are available?

Lively discussions and important answers

REHAB offers answers to many of these questions. The marketplace Occupation & Education also offers a framework for lively discussions between people with and without a disability, business representatives, rehab companies and social organisations. In presentations and discussions, problems are identified and solutions are debated that open up exciting prospects for everyone involved.

Health and nursing have a future

Visitors who are interested in receiving training or further training in the health sector or the nursing sector can also gain valuable insights and make contacts at one of the largest specialist trade fairs for rehabilitation, therapy, nursing and inclusion.