Marketplace Therapy & Pratice

People with physical and mental disabilities can take advantage of many therapies and rehabilitation offers which may reduce their symptoms and promote their recovery. Especially hospitals with outpatient and stationary centres for medical care for the disabled and specialised rehabilitation centres can meet the needs of people with disabilities. In addition to modern and customised treatment methods, suitable therapy devices are also crucial to possible restore lost functions and abilities.

Individual therapies for disabled people

The Marketplace Therapy & Practice at REHAB offers visitors the opportunity of gathering information about the most important forms of therapy and aids. Devices for motion therapy are one of the most important cornerstones. Providers and manufacturers will introduce themselves and are available for discussion with interested parties from therapeutic practice, hospitals and institutions for rehabilitation as well as with patients, relatives and representatives of self-help organisation.

Need for action in the therapy of disabled people

Even if progressing inclusion provides more and more answers to the questions and requirements of physically and mentally handicapped people, the need for action remains quite big. Many hospitals are not yet adequately prepared for treating handicapped people or patients with serious multiple disabilities. REHAB will be the platform to discuss that as well as related topics, such as structural requirements, additional needs for time, care and assistance as well as financing options for a better care of disabled people in hospital.