1 Mar 2023

Everyday life hacks – Great ideas by and for people with disabilities

People with disabilities repeatedly have to overcome barriers in their everyday lives and develop their very own strategies for doing so. So why not give these people the chance to share their ideas and ingenuity?

That is the idea behind the Klub der Alltagspioniere (everyday pioneers club). This is a community for collecting and sharing ideas that make life easier for people with disabilities. The community provides a platform for solutions from people who know what it is like to experience barriers in everyday life, encounter bureaucratic nightmares, have difficulty in gaining approval for living aids or who struggle to find suitable support for their own problems. The everyday life hacks are collected, organised into categories and presented on the website, social media and as useful videos on YouTube.

The club is a fast-growing community, and all people with chronic illnesses or disabilities are welcome to share their ideas. The beat way to do so is via email: hallo@alltagspioniere.de.

  • More information about the community can be found HERE (German only)
  • Want to know more about the everyday life hacks? Watch the videos on YouTube (German only)