12 Dec 2022

Fitness app for paraplegics enters test phase

At the last REHAB, the Cologne Sports University presented the ParaGym app, a fitness app for paraplegics. Now the project is entering the test phase. Test persons are being sought for this purpose.

Employees of the Cologne Sports University spent two years researching the ParaGym app. Visitors to the 21st Rehab, which took place from 23 to 25 June 2022, were also able to find out about the fitness app for paraplegics.

Now the creators are facing the next step of the project. The functionality, user-friendliness and safety of the app will be tested as part of a feasibility study.

Eine Frau sitzt in einem Sportrollstuhl und spielt Tennis. Sie holt gerade zu einem Schlag aus und blickt konzentriert auf den Ball. Im Hintergrund ist das Publikum zu sehen, das ihr zuschaut.
There are lots of fitness apps in the Apple Appstore and the Google Playstore. The Sports University Cologne is working on a special fitness app for paraplegics. Now the test phase is about to begin. (Photo: Messe Karlsruhe/Jürgen Rösner)

Test persons are being sought for this purpose. People between the ages of 18 and 67 who have suffered from chronic paraplegia for at least one year can participate. During the six-week test phase, the users train three times a week for about half an hour with the first test version of the ParaGym app. On-site testing will take place at the German Sport University in Cologne before and after the training period.

The study will start at the beginning of January 2023 and will be coordinated by Janika Bolz and Institute Director Univ.-Prof. Hans-Georg Predel. Anyone who is interested can apply until the end of December. For more information on the study, including how to apply, please send an email to j.bolz@dshs-koeln.de.