24 Oct 2022

Innovative education from Karlsruhe

Medical Technology degree programme launched at KIT

Students start New Medical Technology programme at KIT
The Medical Technology degree programme at KIT focuses on digitalization, electrical engineering and information technology. (Photo: Markus Breig, KIT)

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), known for innovation, launched a new bachelor's degree course in medical technology in the winter semester. "By focusing on digitalization, electrical engineering and information technology, the research-oriented and practice-oriented medical technology course at KIT optimally prepares students for new technology trends and challenges in the field of industrial and clinical development of medical devices," says Professor Werner Nahm from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at KIT.

This know-how is combined with broad user knowledge from medicine and medical technology as well as knowledge of regulations and standards. "With the Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, students have the competence to translate medical problems into engineering tasks and to develop responsible solutions under technical, regulatory, economic and social conditions," says Nahm.

In the six-semester course, which is subject to admission restrictions, students will acquire a universal foundation that will open up attractive career opportunities in many sectors. The course has a direct practical focus from the first semester, with options to choose between industry, research and clinical internships as well as on-site teaching in hospitals and university clinics. A mobility window is also planned in the fifth semester for international exchanges at other universities, for example as part of an ERASMUS stay.

Last week, the teaching staff welcomed the first students on the new course. For the future engineers, the lecture period of their first semester begins next Monday with a lecture on physiology and anatomy. Werner Nahm is more than satisfied with the response to the new course: "The announcement and advertisement of the new course immediately met with a pleasingly high level of interest. The number of applications far exceeded the available capacity."