7 Dec 2022

FOCUS CP rehaKIND Congress in Dortmund in February

Scientific expertise paired with strong practice - this is what visitors can expect in February at the FOCUS CP REHAKIND KONGRESS in Dortmund.

Spectators sit in the audience and look at the stage. There, four speakers sit at a long table. Above them is a screen.
The discussion format inspires sufferers and professionals alike and fills large halls. (Pictures: rehaKIND e.V.)

"When children with disabilities and chronic illnesses are not doing well, all those involved must work together to find a solution." With this guiding principle, the rehaKIND e.V. network has successfully developed a special congress format together with three medical associations: The aim is the exchange and transfer of knowledge between experts from medicine, therapy and technology and those affected and their families at eye level. All participants should be able to "look beyond their own nose".

A man is sitting on a bar stool at a table. He is operating a robot arm with a joystick. He smiles and fixes the movement of the arm with his eyes.
At the congress there will be an accompanying trade exhibition with tools to try out.

In addition to many lectures and plenary sessions, the multi-stage congress programme also offers practice-oriented workshops and skills sessions for all participants. The focus is always on a high level of scientific expertise, coupled with a strong practical and user orientation. In the free exhibition, interested parties can also try out all kinds of tools for everyone.

For more information and to book, visit focuscprehakind.de.