22 Feb 2023

Careers in medicine: How do I find the perfect match?

Many people want to pursue a career in medicine. But which one should it be? How do interested people reach their goal? And what opportunities and hurdles are there?

The book "Karriere in der Medizin" (Career in Medicine – available only in German) provides answers to these questions.

Finding your own path and setting off in the right direction after your studies and training - this is a topical issue, especially in times of a shortage of specialists in medicine. But it is also worth taking stock at later stages of your career. Am I still happy in my job? Do I need a new direction? And how can I achieve this? The guide "Career in medicine - How do I find my perfect match?", edited by Julia Schäfer, is dedicated to these and other topics.

It doesn't always have to be a doctor's coat

With a licence to practice medicine in their pocket, medical professionals have a huge range of opportunities - and not just in a doctor's coat. There is no one-size-fits-all career; everyone has to find the path that is right for them. This is where "Career in Medicine" comes in. The book is a compass for determining your personal position and your path through professional life. It broadens your horizons and describes the diverse job profiles in hospitals, science, consulting, health insurance, medical technology and industry.

Prominent medical professionals tell their stories

In order to provide an even better insight into various professional fields, prominent figures in the field of medicine report in interviews on their path into medicine, the challenges they had to overcome and the tips they give. The broad spectrum of opportunities in curative medicine is presented in detail - with testimonials from a wide variety of fields.