22 Mar 2023

Emergency situations of people with ventilation: This is how they are helped particularly quickly

How should people on ventilation behave in exceptional situations? What can save lives in an emergency? The German Interdisciplinary Society for People with Ventilation (DIGAB) provides tips.

A power cut is annoying for most people. For people with respiration, however, it can be life-threatening. The portal of the German Interdisciplinary Society for People with Respiration (DIGAB) provides a wealth of information as well as useful and valuable tips for a self-determined life with respiration.

The guide on the topic of power failure contains important emergency numbers, apps, tips on prevention and even ways to manage without a respirator for a certain period of time. Without claiming to be complete, it can be a good guide and ask the relevant questions that every person with respiration can integrate into their individual emergency management.

The emergency backpack, for example, contains papers, supporting documents and replacement materials for daily needs on the move. However, it only makes sense if it is up to date, can be used and is well and sensibly packed. A list of all useful contents can be found HERE (only in German).