2 Jun 2023

A highlight of the trade fair programme: new products presented by MOBITIPP

MOBITIPP is an online advisory service for mobility and quality of life. At REHAB Karlsruhe, it will be presenting new products in all areas for the first time every day in Hall 2.

The new, not yet published product from Meyra Group GmbH
Be curious about Meyra's product world premiere at REHAB 2023. (Photo: Meyra Group GmbH)

The first day of the trade fair on Thursday 15 June 2023 will begin with a world premiere exclusive to REHAB. MEYRA, a German wheelchair manufacturer that has been on the market for over than 85 years, will unveil a brand-new product.

New developments in electric wheelchairs

Mobility is a major issue for all aid users, both at home and increasingly when travelling. Being out is often very difficult for users of electric wheelchairs, as the wheelchair and its battery unit are often bulky and difficult to transport. Whether travelling by car, train or plane, the ergoflix LX electric wheelchair is perfect for journeys. It can carry people weighing up to 160 kg, despite having a net weight of just 23.5 kg, and can be folded together quickly and easily.

Product Leolevel - wheelchair of Motion Solutions
The new LEOlevel wheelchair from Motion Solutions can be tested on site at REHAB. (Photo: Motion Solutions GmbH)

The New Live Magix from NHD combines front, central and rear-wheel drive with its unique six-wheel drive system. This makes it suitable for use off road, indoors and in narrow corridors. Despite its six wheels, it is smaller and more compact that many other electric wheelchairs. It can also overcome kerbs and obstacles up to 15 cm in height.

Made in Switzerland, the Scewo BRO is a two-wheel wheelchair with tracks that make climbing stairs and overcoming many structural obstacles a breeze. Now also established on the German market, the wheelchair continues to impress users. BRO uses sensors to scan the surroundings, and can therefore automatically detect the end of a staircase, for example. It is also constantly becoming more intelligent and gaining new functions thanks to regular software updates.

Motion Solutions will present its brand-new LEOlevel at REHAB. Transfer is often the most difficult thing for many electric wheelchair users, especially when they have limited or no use of their arms for support. The LEOlevel let them adjust the seat of the wheelchair to any height, all the way to floor level. Motion Solutions developed a special seat lift system for the LEOlevel that can adjust the seat height from 0 to 62 cm. It also has a load bearing capacity of up to 100 kg, which helps it stand out from comparable wheelchair models.

Child with the Exopulse Mollii Suit from Otto Bock
The Exopulse Mollii Suit from Otto Bock will also be presented as a new product at REHAB. (Photo: Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH)

New innovations for active wheelchair users

Active wheelchair users travel all over the world with their wheelchairs. The Twist from Klaxon/Otto Bock is a small and multifunctional drive system. The compact wheel with an integrated electric motor and battery is easy to attach and is extremely versatile. Light and manoeuvrable, the Twist was developed to accompany wheelchair users on every journey. Simply attach and start exploring the world!

Every disability or impairment is different. THE KSL from Küschall features a minimalist and elegant design, and is above all highly customisable. It is produced to order and can therefore be tailored to individual needs. Brand ambassador Moritz Brückner will share his experiences at the MOBITIPP programme.

Car specialist Paravan from south-west Germany is the perfect partner for people who travel frequently and need a suitable car. The company will unveil a new product for the first time at REHAB onsite, but is keeping it a mystery. Whatever it is, we can be sure to expect clever technology and design.

For people with neurological conditions

Neurological conditions often change continuously over the course of a patient’s life. The unique NANO S from Meyra is the world’s first folding wheelchair with an open frame design (mono-tube) featuring swivelling and removable leg supports. As a result, the NANO S is ideal for all neurological treatments. It enables efficient movement training for the legs and can be adapted to individual needs.

Kinova is known for its innovative Jaco robotic arm. Now, it has expanded its portfolio with the dynamic Dowing and Gowing arm support systems from the Dutch manufacturer Focal Meditech. These are especially well suited for people who still have sufficient residual function in their arms. With these products, Kinova has completed its product range for people with impaired function in their upper extremities.

Each product unique

T-RV has been exhibiting at REHAB for 25 years. The family-run company provides disabled people with highly customisable products for sitting and positioning from leading international brands. “We always focus on the individual solution and personal benefit for every single person. We know from our own family history just how important this is”, says founder and CEO Albert Föhrenbühler.

An exciting, entertaining and practical trade fair programme

Professional development will be the subject of special focus at this year’s REHAB. There will be a range of events on offer in the forums in Hall 2 and Hall 3, as well as in the Guidzter.com Lounge and the Inclusive sports complex in the dm-arena. These will include inspiring presentations from the community on topics like travel or everyday lifehacks, the chance to get involved in sporting events like wheelchair biathlon or arm wrestling with world champions, and discussions on topics like nursing, home care and child rehabilitation. Our partners have put together a comprehensive programme for visitors that is fascinating and entertaining in equal measure.

Photo of the Forum Hall 3 during REHAB with many audience listening to a lecture.
A wide range of presentations on current and exciting topics will be held in the forums in Hall 2 and Hall 3. (Photo: Messe Karlsruhe)

Forums in Hall 2 and Hall 3

The German Expert Network for Outpatient Intensive Care (CNI e.V.) will offer presentations and insights on the topics of homecare and nursing in the forums. The child and youth rehabilitation topic block will focus on products like the Molii Suit from Otto Bock, which stimulates movement and provides support for patients with neurological conditions. Specialists from the therapy and specialist retail sectors should find out about the new aid app proviko. The association rehaKIND will offer a series of presentations on the topic of supported communication from the perspectives of users and manufacturers, as well as legal insights concerning aids provision and the pressing needs of very young patients. Other topic areas in the programme at REHAB include strokes and brain injuries, barrier-free building and digital assistive technologies.

Action and entertainment at the dm-arena

The dm-arena will have plenty on offer throughout the event for all fans from the active community, as well as those looking for advice, wheelchair users and others. Visitors searching for the right contact partner should head to the Guidzter.com Lounge. Here they will find five guides ready to answer questions and provide advice, support and inspiration in all areas of life. The young online community has also created a programme for the event.

Alongside this, the Inclusive sports complex at the dm-arena will offer a wide range of sports that visitors can discover and try out. The programme includes adaptive self-defence for all as well as wheelchair hockey, powerchair hockey and wheelchair biathlon presented among others by former Olympic wheelchair fencing champion Esther Weber.

The partners of the REHAB trade fair programme and the Inclusive sports complex are:

You can find more information about planning your visit to the trade fair and getting involved in the individual programme events here.