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A better quality of life with car retrofitting to meet the needs of disabled people

Car retrofitting to meet the needs of disabled people enables people with a handicap to remain mobile. The range of options for adjustments and conversions on offer varies widely and can be tailored to individual requirements.

Through vehicle adjustment measures or car conversion to meet the needs of disabled people, a car can largely be adapted to the needs of the individual driver. Whether for wheelchair users, people with walking disabilities or people of small stature, manufacturers specialising in the field will conduct the necessary measures so that the disabled person’s vehicle can be used either actively or passively as a passenger.

Possible adaptations and car conversions tailored to the needs of the disabled include:

  • Stand assists
  • Entry aids, e.g. steps, transfer boards and swivel seats
  • Extension of the steering column, electronic steering aids
  • Installation of an automated system
  • Installation of indicator levers
  • Hand operation devices for accelerator and brake
  • Pedal conversions
  • Seat rail extensions, seat height adjustments or installation of new seats
  • Wheelchair ramps, lift systems, wheelchair loading systems

At REHAB, visitors can discover the wide variety of equipment and conversion options available.

Of key importance for disabled car conversion are the individual preliminary requirements and needs of the individual driver with a handicap. These can be determined with the aid of assessment reports, which then serve in specific cases as a basis for disabled car conversion. In all cases, the potential customer should obtain advice in advance from independent experts – including with regard to potential funding assistance and allowances.