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Among others, the Marketplace Child and Youth Rehabilitation informs about the following topics:

Versatile auxiliary means for disabled children

Aids for disabled children will help them to master their every-day life more easily and use their full potential in a better way. At REHAB, companies will introduce the broad spectrum of modern aids for children with handicaps and chronic illnesses.

Disabled children can profit from aids customised to their exact needs. They can develop better, end up being more mobile and integrate more quickly into kindergarten and school. The use of the right aids also translates into more safety in every-day life and makes the care easier for parents and carers.

There is a plethora of children-suitable aids, including dressing aids, gripping aids, eating and drinking aids and seat shells for children with physical or mental disabilities. Special children’s nursing beds offer more safety, can compensate for individual restrictions and make care easier. Tricycles, rehabilitation buggies, children’s wheelchairs and children’s electronic wheelchairs provide the maximum freedom of movement. And movement promotes the development and self-reliance of children, especially for children with restrictions.

Restricted children and their parents, doctors and therapists as well as specialists from medical supply stores should attempt to jointly find the best solution, customised to the functional restriction and development stage of the child. An extensive determination of the requirements, consulting, individual adjustments and aid testing are important to achieve therapeutic objectives and provide the restricted child with the highest possible degree of self-reliance.

Children’s standing aids support childhood development

Children’s standing aids and walking aids offer disabled children more ability to move, expanding their sensory experiences and thereby promoting their mental and physical development. The complete versatility of standing and walking aids for children who cannot walk or stand at all or only with restrictions, can be found at REHAB.

Training for the body and valuable impulses for cognitive development: Those are the crucial advantages of children’s standing devices, standing aids, standing trainers, tilting prone boards and standing wheel chairs. Such devices make it possible to perform standing therapy, expand the radius of the sensory experiences of restricted children and thereby promote their cognitive development. At the same time, the different auxiliary means also support cardiovascular training, prevention of osteoporosis as well as contractures and spasms. These applications enable a better circulation for body and legs while the digestive tract is activated as well.

Standing aids for disabled children can be finetuned to adjust to individual bodies. They are equipped with straps, padded backrests and reclining surfaces, foot supports and, depending on the model, wheels and electro motors for safe position changes.

Children able to walk with restrictions can expand their action radius dramatically using children’s walking frames. They should be adapted to the size of the child and ideally be sturdy, light-weight and easy and simple to use. Colour and design of the walking frames may also help the child to enjoy using them and have fun moving about.