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Hospitals for people with disabilities

The offer spectrum of rehabilitation institutions and hospitals for disabled people in the German-speaking areas is quite multifaceted. The goal is to advance the physical and mental recovery through attentive, interdisciplinary treatment and support.

For people with serious physical disabilities, mental disabilities or psychological handicaps, a stay in the hospital or in a rehabilitation institution may represent a special challenge. The transport to an unfamiliar environment, new therapies and doctors or communication difficulties can represent a serious strain for patients. Patients and relatives should gather all the information in advance, so that the treatment for the disabled person can progress as well as possible.

Depending on the type of disability, several specialised institutions exist, especially for the rehabilitation of disabled people. Wheelchair-accessibility, accompanying persons, a high requirement for assistance, alignment with individual needs - all those things are being considered. Information is available from many sources, such as rehabilitation service centres of the social insurance carriers, associations for people with disabilities and self-help organisations as well as from the individual rehabilitation hospitals for disabled people.

The support offers range from general information online and lists of hospitals and rehabilitation institutions for disabled people to consulting via telephone or in person, specific contact partners and especially trained personnel on site. REHAB provides all interested parties with the opportunity to find out more and meet all involved parties.