26 Apr 2023

How finding the right aid can enable participation and greater quality of life

Discover innovations in child and youth rehabilitation at the European trade fair for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion

Young girl sits in a wheelchair with three wheels and talks to an exhibitor at REHAB
At REHAB 2023, special aids for children and adolescents will be a focal point of the exhibition. Baby walkers, rehab buggies, standing devices, children's wheelchairs, therapy bikes, gait trainers and seat shells will be on display (REHAB Karlsruhe/ Behrendt und Rausch)

Karlsruhe, 26 April 2023–The 22nd edition of the European trade fair for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion (15 to 17 June 2023 at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre) will focus in part on special aids for children and young people. Youngsters with disabilities in particular need aids from an early stage in order to develop properly. Things like the right baby walkers, rehabilitation buggies, standing aids, pushchairs, therapeutic bicycles, walking trainers or seats are essential.

“For people with disabilities, rehabilitation is an anchor that forms the basis for participation and quality of life. It’s great to have events like REHAB that convey the latest insights quickly to people”, says Jürgen Dusel, Germany’s Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities and patron of REHAB Karlsruhe.

Around half of the 300 companies expected to exhibit at the event are producers. They will use the event format to present their innovations and new products to both a broad audience of industry specialists and the users and their families. More information is available online at www.rehab-karlsruhe.com.

A selection of innovations for children and young people at the trade fair

Child rehabilitation specialists will present their latest products in Karlsruhe: Schuchmann will present “mats”, a brand-new recumbent tricycle that grows with the child. This is all thanks to an adjustable wheelbase. An ingenious asymmetric frame allows for transfer, and lets the user get on and off easily and independently.

“REHAB gives us the ideal opportunity to present our smart products to both industry visitors and families with disabled children from southern Germany. We look forward to discussing the latest industry news and letting people try out our products. They always give us inspiration for further developments”, explains René Althaus, Field Service Manager at Schuchmann.

Wolturnus will showcase its walker Grillo. It can be used as both a posterior and anterior walking aid. Available in four sizes, it is suitable for small children, teenagers and adults. The patented frame helps maintain the user’s centre of gravity when adjusting the height, so that they can walk stably both indoors and outdoors.

The recumbent trike that grows with you
Schuchmann presents the growing recumbent trike "mats" at the REHAB. (Photo Credit: Schuchmann)
The open-frame chair Airon
The open-frame chair Airon is now also available from seat width 28 and seat depth 32. (Photo Credit: SORG Rollstuhltechnik)

SORG Rollstuhltechnik will use this year’s event to present new versions of its Dynamis range of wheelchairs for persons with spastic conditions, as well as the Airon active open-frame chair. Two of the three models are also available in new, smaller sizes.

Ottobock will present its Exopulse Mollii Suit at REHAB 2023. This is the first neuromodulation suit in the world and can help people with neurological diseases enjoy a more active life. A total of 58 electrodes fitted in the suit emit signals that relax the muscles. This reduces pain and spasms, while activating certain muscle groups, with just an hour of stimulation time per day. The suit is available in various sizes and is even suitable for young children.

Ottobock also offers Kiddo rigid-frame wheelchairs from Veldink4kids, which grow with the user and provide the ideal transition from rehabilitation pushchairs to adult wheelchairs.

Plenty to see, touch and try out at the trade fair

At the special marketplace for children and youth rehabilitation, both industry visitors and parents will find a broad range of aids from leading manufacturers like Berollka and HOGGI, or specialist service providers such as Storch & Beller, 3Hmed, elomed and SC Sanitätshaus Carstens. Child bed producers like KayserBetten or FreiStil will also be there. Further providers with wide product ranges, like Sunrise Medical or Paravan, will be exhibiting in other areas of the trade fair.

The adjacent forum will invite visitors to find out more about important topics and trends in the aids sector and rehabilitation for youngsters in a series of talks, workshops and product presentations.

About REHAB Karlsruhe

Since 1980, REHAB Karlsruhe has been one of the world’s most important events for rehabilitation, therapy, care and inclusion. Following last-year’s catch-up event after the pandemic, REHAB will take place again this year before switching back to its normal cycle every two years from 2025. The event covers the latest trends and innovations in rehabilitation and assistive technology, as well as new methods of therapy and care provision. It is aimed at professional visitors like therapists, doctors, professional carers and experts from retailers, service providers and associations, as well as people with disabilities and their families.

More information, such as the event programme, visitor information and ticket shop, can be found at www.rehab-karlsruhe.com.

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