12 Dec 2022

Book tip: "My life is cool after all" by Natalie Dedreux

Natalie Dedreux is 23 years old, a blogger,activist and now also a writer. In her book "Mein Leben ist doch cool" (My life is cool after all), the "Incluenzer" with Downs Syndrome talks about social issues and everyday life.

Natalie Dedreux sits on a wooden bench and looks into the camera. She is wearing a black leather jacket and green trousers in a leopard pattern.
Natalie Dedreux: activist, blogger and writer. (pictures: Knaur)

The 23-year-old Natalie Dedreux from Cologne is a blogger and activist. She first became known to a wider audience through her appearance in the election arena for the Bundestag elections in September 2017, when she asked Angela Merkel about late-term abortion of disabled children. Her question was: "Nine out of ten babies with Downs Syndrome are not born in Germany, they are aborted. What is your position on late-term abortion?"

The front of the book by Natalie Dedreux. The title
"My life is cool after all" is the name of Natalie Dedreux's book.

In her book "Mein Leben ist doch cool" (My life is cool after all), Dedreux has written down her thoughts and views and her political ideas in 100 short essays. The spectrum of topics is broad and ranges from Afghanistan to Judaism to vegan nutrition. Clear and to the point, the young "Incluenzerin" with Down syndrome describes the pressing issues of our time and encourages us to look at them from a new and different perspective.

Dedreux publishes a book against prejudice and with a committed appeal for the participation of all people in our world without fear of contact. "I want people to read my book because I think what I have to say here is important. Then people will see that living with Down syndrome is also cool," says the author.

Droemer Knaur, hardback edition October 2022, 16.99 euros, e-book 12.99 euros